Ralph’s House Part III

Among the items was also a packet of cigarette papers.

More map pages. This one is from the border of Finland and Sweden in Lapland.

The shelf also featured Christmas greetings and letters from relatives and friends.

The dice were in the package, but the game itself was missing.

Another view of the stove.

A view of the front yard and the garage.

And a photo from the window of the porch. As you can see, the house was quite small and simple.

The lamp in the hall was rather strange.

Next to the front door was this small and unfinished looking room. My guess is that it had originally served as a food cupboard, and it had been a cold space.

The house had quite a sturdy safety chain.

We then left the main building.

Behind the house was another wing. It contained a wood storage, a toilet and some other storage spaces.

Here’s a photo of one storage space.

Uninvited visitors had thrown clothing all over the yard. At this point we were about to leave the premises, but there was something, which didn’t quite add up, so we decided to explore the house again.

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