Semi Abandoned Sightseeing Tower

I stopped in a local city and picked up my friend. And so we drove to the darkening evening. Our first location was the municipality of Kangasala, which is famous for its scenery. There is a sightseeing tower on the top of almost every major ridge running through the place. So we stopped in theContinue reading “Semi Abandoned Sightseeing Tower”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV

Well I did promise some views, didn’t I. We’re not quite there yet, and the windows are a bit dirty for sightseeing anyway, but this photo actually started a trend I have employed a lot later on in my photography. As the evening light came so beautifully through the window, I started photographing sceneries framedContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part III

Floor four of the massive abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium. One more look towards the yard and the main entrance and the wing. I don’t know what the wing housed, as we never entered that part of the building. We thought that this would be a good floor to start exploring deeper into the long part ofContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part III”

The Other Nature of Deserted Finland

“I want this to be my last sight before I die.” That has been said about the scenery from the top of the fjeld Pyhä-Nattanen in Sodankylä, Lapland. And when somebody speaks that highly of a place, it has to be seen. The only problem with the place was, that there are two sides toContinue reading “The Other Nature of Deserted Finland”

The Prelude to a Discovery

Welcome to Southeastern Finland and Lake Saimaa. I spent a lot of time here during one especially dry and hot summer. As my blog is about photos and stories from abandoned places as well as my story of discovering those abandoned places, I decided to take this opportunity to promote this part of Finland aContinue reading “The Prelude to a Discovery”