A Total Waste

As you can see, I was starting to be in a hurry. I still had 210 municipalities of the 571 to visit, and time was running out. It was strictly one shot per location, unless I was able to enter. This is a former municipal hospital built in 1938. Its location on a hill guaranteesContinue reading “A Total Waste”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part V

So this is as high as it gets. The view from the eight floor balcony over the lake really was worth the climb. The sunset was beautiful, but it was a bit difficult to enjoy it when I noticed, that the balcony I was standing on was growing trees from its cracks. Visibility was good.Continue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part V”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV

Well I did promise some views, didn’t I. We’re not quite there yet, and the windows are a bit dirty for sightseeing anyway, but this photo actually started a trend I have employed a lot later on in my photography. As the evening light came so beautifully through the window, I started photographing sceneries framedContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II

The door was indeed ajar. It led to a very dark basement, which could best be described as being a maze. We went through it carefully using our phones and flashlights, but the trek did remind me of why I usually never enter basements when being in abandoned buildings. The first staircase we found wasContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II”

The Prelude to a Discovery

Welcome to Southeastern Finland and Lake Saimaa. I spent a lot of time here during one especially dry and hot summer. As my blog is about photos and stories from abandoned places as well as my story of discovering those abandoned places, I decided to take this opportunity to promote this part of Finland aContinue reading “The Prelude to a Discovery”