The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II

The door was indeed ajar. It led to a very dark basement, which could best be described as being a maze. We went through it carefully using our phones and flashlights, but the trek did remind me of why I usually never enter basements when being in abandoned buildings.

The first staircase we found was blocked, but the second one worked. Although it was dark on the first floor, too, because of all the boards in the windows, we were able to see something now.

The main lobby doesn’t really have a single intact window left. Light comes in through the round shaped windows on the roof.

The back of the lobby was almost as dark as the basement. The pillars are beautifully coloured in two different shades of blue reminding me of the two cars found earlier during the adventure.

The bench was as uncomfortable as it looked. Somehow the colours reminded me of a municipal pool.

A look up the stairs reveals more broken windows.

Even the vandals have lost faith in this place ever getting a new lease of life.

The second floor was yellow. Although I usually explore buildings corner by corner and going through every possible room, this wasn’t the case this time. The hospital was way too large for that and we had an anxious friend, who was too afraid to join us inside, waiting for us on the yard.

A view through the main stairway windows reveals only forest on the ground floors.

The condition of the building is just such a sorry sight.

We pretty much skipped the second floor and went straight up.

The size of the building really was overwhelming, and we didn’t quite know, where to start digging deeper.

Perhaps that will come in the next post.

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