Ralph’s House Part II

Although there was very little furniture in the house, there were some personal items, which reveal little pieces about Ralph’s life.

There were several letters from Ralph’s relatives from abroad.

Among the personal items was also a fine of 380 marks. The story didn’t tell, which law Ralph had broken.

Life in this house had been very simple. There was running water in the kitchen, but no bathroom or toilet. Keep in mind that somebody lived here as late as 2006.

There was also no heating system. There was an electric stove, but apparently this old wood stove was used to heat the house.

Now here’s another one of my window shots. This one succeeded better than the previous one.

The stove has fallen into rather bad shape.

Another window shot. The light inside the house was rather amazing.

The psalm book hadn’t been treated very well.

Veikko Huovinen was a popular author in Finland back in the days. It’s not too uncommon to find his books in abandoned houses.

Strange finding a map of your home town in an abandoned place.

Another look at the strange stone formation in the living room. The file seems to be a bit broken.

An old bread package. Luckily the bread had been eaten.

Next to the shelf was a collection of miscellanous items.

Among the stuff were lottery tickets and a collection of jacket buttons.

Water has started to find its way through the roof next to the chimney.

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