Sealed Off

This exploration follows a pattern that was pretty clear that summer. A friend had seen my stories from abandoned houses and wanted to join me. I had once again found some new locations through other urbex sites, and was eager to see them myself.

This time we headed to a regional airport, as the rumour had it that there would be an area behind it with not just one but five different abandoned houses. The area was very rural with fields and forests, wasn’t near any major roads and was all in all pretty remote. The story didn’t tell, why the houses were abandoned. They were all rural houses built before the airport, so perhaps nobody wanted to live in the noise after their original inhabitants left this world.

The first cottage wasn’t very difficult to find. The overgrown yard and windows covered with plywood were an indication that we were in the right place.

Although abandoned, the place wasn’t neglected. It had strong locks and a barrier installed to prevent unauthorized access.

There was no way in, so we decided to move on to other locations.

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