Ralph’s House Part IV

As I said in my previous post, something didn’t quite add up with the house. There clearly was an upstairs with windows and all, but there was no way in. There were no stairs inside the building, there was no hatch outside the building. As we didn’t find a way in from the outside, we returned back in.

The roof of the stairs to the sauna in the basement looked like it had stairs on the other side. But there was no door to the space behind it.

It turned out that the roof was a secret hatch to another room.

Here was also a bed, which was rather short.

I thought such mosquito repellent pumps only existed in Tintin comics. But they were real.

Although the house was old, it had been taken care of. The electricity systems had been renovated at some point.

This is the upstairs window we saw from the outside, which made us return back in to search for the entrance.

Ralph’s Christmas decorations were stored upstairs.

There were several bags of them.

This suitcase really is vintage.

So are the radios.

The upstairs was a strange mixture of bedroom and storage.

The pile on the bed indicates, that at some point there had been a couch in an awful 1990’s flower pattern in the house. By the time of our visit it had vanished.

The attic had been accessible with this ladder. The access wasn’t easy, though.

One final look at the house before going on new adventures.

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