Smells Like Teen Spirit Part III

What I really adore about old buildings is their stairways. They have a central role and usually had big windows and nice details. Up we go, then. As I said in my previous post, this place was full of instructions. Here it says that use of elevator is only allowed given permission by staff. TheJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part III”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part II

Hello, and let me once again wish you my warmest welcome to the abandoned vocational school dormitory covered in snow. This view is directly from the entrance located in the part between the old and new sides of the building. First up there was a cozy common room for the inhabitants. It featured lots ofJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part II”

A City in Change

Welcome to Oulu, the city of long, cold winters, tar and technology. Located in the narrowest part of Finland at the mouth of Oulu river, it calls itself the capital of Northern Scandinavia. Not exactly located in Scandinavia, it is the indisputable capital of Northern Finland. Northern Finland is losing a lot of its population.Jatka lukemista ”A City in Change”

You May Look But You May Not Enter

The summer was over, leaves fell and darkness poured to Finland. I returned to my studies and the days were now so short, that you really couldn’t consider any photography realated adventures at all. Not that I had anything to photograph. My friends hadn’t tipped me about any new abandoned placess, and the ones IJatka lukemista ”You May Look But You May Not Enter”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part X

Here’s another collecion of pointless sentences together. ”Rescue my guinea pig! Please” ”Yeah, Yo Man” The biggest sentence on the blackboard is Swedish, and says that you can’t eat that much, while the old sign begs for silence. In addition to the collection of birds featured in an earlier post, the school had a collectionJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part X”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part IX

The journey through the school has been really interesting, and it has gotten more and more interesting the higher the stairs we have climbed. The lower floors were just full of stockpiled stuff or empty classrooms, but the upper ones are in a much more authentic shape. It’s almost as if schoolwork had stopped justJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part IX”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VIII

In this class we can see the grim reality of the school’s digitalization. It’s no wonder there were so many floppy discs in the school, as the computers were this old. I think that one might still run Windows 3.1. It looks like someone’s been training to write with their toes. In the neighbouring classJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VIII”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VI

Up, up we go again And so we are reaching floor four out of five. Is it just me, or is the pupil art getting more spectacular the higher up we get? A wall full of aphorisms. Lovely. The expansion built in the 50’s featured two more floors on top of the two original gymnasiums.Jatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VI”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part V

After the teachers’ common room we found some more wall art. Wonder why unicorns and rainbows always go together. This one looked like another classroom, but judging by the furniture it was rather a student union’s hangaround place. This paper might explain, why the school was abandoned. It’s a wellbeing survey, and the pupil tells,Jatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part V”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part IV

Next we found the teachers’ common room. Here they had removed almost nothing. All the stuff left behind was still there. At this point we realized, that even a high school had been in the same building. The bunch of papers on the floor includes application instructions to universities, the Finnish army’s newspaper, a telephoneJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part IV”