Smells Like Teen Spirit Part III

What I really adore about old buildings is their stairways. They have a central role and usually had big windows and nice details. Up we go, then.

As I said in my previous post, this place was full of instructions. Here it says that use of elevator is only allowed given permission by staff.

The former home of cleaners.

The dormitory apartments were named after local places. Pikisaari is an island with quite a history of its own.

The destruction was quite total on this floor. If you’ve ever wondered how a door is built, this is how.

The layout was similar on every floor.

I believe this to have been a tv once.

Another toilet. But wait a second. Doesn’t that look like a bowling pin?

As the temperature had only gone up on my day of exploration, most of the windows were frozen. The atmosphere inside the old dormitory was difficult to describe, but one of the most amazing I have ever experienced. As the snow and ice next to broken windows and doors started to melt, water started dripping on the floors. The heat detectors in the building hadn’t had their batteries replaced in at least seven years, and they tried to warn about low batteries by beeping.

I was alone in the house, and the only noises I could hear in addition to my steps, were slowly dripping lonely droplets and beeps echoing from all over the place. It was like magic.

A collection of sports and travel magazines to kill time with.

Yet another way of destroying a tv.

This is what the halls in the apartments looked like. I think that is the rest of the tv from the previous picture.

Another standard dorm room. The cupboard hides resuscitation instructions.

It was so dark I could only shoot using flash.

Another one of the very modern phones found here.

Just another standard room.

More instructions. “Fill the sewer with water, so the smell will end.”

A roow panel with a speaker of the central radio system. I think the company Teleste had a monopoly on central radio systems in Finnish public buildings. Their products seem to be everywhere.

Someone’s carved a hole in the wall.

Correct me, if I’m wrong, but is that mould?

On the previous door they just broke the lock. Here the entire door is cut in half.

Noting much new here anymore.

Another way of opening doors?

The students have had a good selection of hobbies to choose from.

My question is, which one was done first: removal of the lock or cutting up of the door.

Just another dorm room. And a lost shoe.

And another.

The final kitchen on the second floor. Surprisingly the tv has yet again taken a big hit.

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