Smells Like Teen Spirit Part II

Hello, and let me once again wish you my warmest welcome to the abandoned vocational school dormitory covered in snow. This view is directly from the entrance located in the part between the old and new sides of the building.

First up there was a cozy common room for the inhabitants. It featured lots of different kinds of chairs from a varity of eras. The pillars decorated with painted bricks and flowers are also noteworthy details.

Imagine coming home from a hard day of lessons. There’s a cozy fire in the fireplace and your friends are playing some Chopin on the piano.

In Finland there are loads of jokes about the intelligence of vocational school students. This reminds me of some of them.

The neighbouring houses really were close to the dormitory. Their inhabitants were not too pleased with the current state of this place and all the vandalism going on.

Looking back towards the entrance.

There had been a payphone in the lobby. It had completely vanished, and was nowhere to be found in the building.

The common room also had a small canteen.

All the apartments were pretty similar. There was a kitchen and dining room and several rooms housing the students. They were all pretty similarly furnished. This time the devil is in the details.

The dining room also acted as the tv room. There was only one tv set in each apartment.

All the dorm rooms were essentially similar. They were long and narrow, and there was a wide work table by the windows. The furniture had also included beds and shelves.

Someone wasn’t too happy about the outcome of the hockey match? And this isn’t even a joke. Some Finns have thrown their tv out when Finland have lost.

What I really loved about the kitchens here was that they all had similar tiling above the sink. That is so vintage!

The dorm’s cleaning instructions. Every week before thursday someone had to clean the toilet, common space and take the trash. Cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes was on everybody’s own responsibility.

When roaming through the house I couldn’t help to wonder the astonishing amount of instructions attached to walls. It seemed as if the dorm manager had no faith whatsoever in the poor students to be able to do anything on their own. Then, on the other hand, they were vocational school students…

The bathrooms included the same theme as the kitchens. Wonder if the girls left the buckets behind when they did their last cleaning shift.

Just another dorm room.

And another. In an interview in the local newspaper a few years back, the property manager said he suspected that some people were breaking in to sleep here.

Here’s another toilet. It’s common to have the shower in the same room as was the case with the previous one. This one only includes the toilet.

Every single dorm room included one of these. Makes me wonder why there was a payphone in the lobby. Or could it simply have been the case that teenagers of the 2000’s didn’t know how to use these anymore.

Here we go, more instructions. They read as following:

  1. No intoxicating substances.
  2. Smoking in the smoking area only.
  3. Avoid noise, especially between 10 pm and 7 am.
  4. The inhabitant is responsible for the guests. No guests allowed after 9 pm or during weekends.
  5. It’s not allowed to stay in the dormitory during school hours unless you’re sick.
  6. Take care of cleanness and report any problems.
  7. Spending weekends in the dormitory requires written permission and a valid reason.

What a nice place to live this seems to have been.

Although it was in the middle of the day, it was very dark inside. All curtains were closed and the destroyed windows had been replaced with plywood.

I usually love old elevators. This one, however, looks scary.

Breaking the doors wasn’t enough. Someone wanted to ensure destruction by using a mechanical saw.

To be continued.

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