Famous, Yet Forgotten

A-ha, a quarry. That seems promising! It does forbid driving, but driving to the premises is allowed. So if I’ll drive there to visit the quarry, that’s not wrong, is it? The quarry was very old. You couldn’t have figured out that you were in one if you hadn’t known it. So this was it?Continue reading “Famous, Yet Forgotten”

Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part III

After passing the barracks it was all nature again. But after a while a fairly large seaport with imported cars appeared on the left side. What kind of a nature trail is this, I thought to myself. There’s more of everything else than nature here. Ah, now we are at it. Let’s take a momentContinue reading “Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part III”

A Sleeping Beauty

Another of my favourite things was taking long bike tours along the river splitting my home town. One of my routes took me through a quiet suburban area, which was rather upper class. I had been biking the same route for around six years and a small villa had caught my eye. It was darkishContinue reading “A Sleeping Beauty”

No Fame Can Save You When Fortune Speaks

This, my dear readers, has for years been the most famous buildings that have been abandoned in Finland in years. A restaurant was founded here in the 1930’s, and the building was enlarged to its current shape in 1939. The restaurant was in the wing closer to the camera, the large firewall seen in theContinue reading “No Fame Can Save You When Fortune Speaks”

A City in Change

Welcome to Oulu, the city of long, cold winters, tar and technology. Located in the narrowest part of Finland at the mouth of Oulu river, it calls itself the capital of Northern Scandinavia. Not exactly located in Scandinavia, it is the indisputable capital of Northern Finland. Northern Finland is losing a lot of its population.Continue reading “A City in Change”

A Ruined Welcome

Welcome to Vaasa, the pearl of the Finnish West coast. This is the place, where the city was founded in 1606. The church was built way back in the 14th century, and it was expanded in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In 1852 the city burned down. The fire spared only two buildings,Continue reading “A Ruined Welcome”