The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VIII

In this class we can see the grim reality of the school’s digitalization. It’s no wonder there were so many floppy discs in the school, as the computers were this old. I think that one might still run Windows 3.1. It looks like someone’s been training to write with their toes.

In the neighbouring class the blackboard has been torn down just for the fun of it. It hasn’t landed very far.

This classroom had once served as a literature class. This poster is about war literature, and although it’s not said here, the quotes are from the Unknown Soldier.

A Lord of the Rings themed mural really was suitable for the literature class.

In this classroom we found these bright orange chairs. Once a very common sight in Finnish schools, they have disappeared since my childhood, as schools have been renovated and rebuilt.

Another interesting formation of school desks.

The amount of maps left here suggests, that this once was a geography class.

The back of the classroom featured newspaper cuttings from news items concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict, EU peacekeeping operations in Sudan and women’s rights in Africa. On top of it all was a school photo from 1973.

We’ve reached the top floor. The high school classes were here. The doors are still labeled with names of subjects, although I don’t think they were current information at the very end.

I have never really seen a high school or higher education building without an image of Che Guevara made by the students. His legend really lives on.

Another futuristic mural by the students. Nobody cared for the tables in this classroom, yet all the chairs had been taken away.

One more boring classroom, where “Jyrki don’t push” is written on the wall. Finns will understand this, others may not. After this room things started getting even more intersting.

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