The Quiet School by the Market Square Part V

After the teachers’ common room we found some more wall art. Wonder why unicorns and rainbows always go together.

This one looked like another classroom, but judging by the furniture it was rather a student union’s hangaround place.

This paper might explain, why the school was abandoned. It’s a wellbeing survey, and the pupil tells, she’s not enjoying the school. She says that the school building is in a bad shape and asks for the lessons to be held in the lower floors of the building, as the air conditioning is so bad on the upper floors. She also wants more parties.

Her arguments were pretty valid. We started our exploration trip before noon, when the sun was still going up. We reached the upper floors in the early afternoon. It was hot and it was difficult to breathe. A three hour stay in the building gave me a cough, an aching throat and thick, bitter slime started filling my sinuses. The building wasn’t healthy.

This floor contained classrooms on the left side of the corridor and offices on the right side.

Someone had reduced the school’s computers to scrap.

In this classroom they had apparently taught programming.

The high school principal’s presige has taken a hit.

This is one of the craziest installations I have ever seen in an abandoned building. A swan has been placed on a chair in a cleaning closet. Someone has written “lower class pupils smell” on the floor. And the sheet of paper on the door reads as follows:

“The cleaning department of the town of Hamina has decided to standardize the color coding of cleaning cloths.

Yellow cloth: toilet seats
Red cloth or brush: wash basins of showers and toilets
Blue cloth: tables and other layers
Green cloth: wash basins and layers in kitchen.”

Dear sir. I accidentally used the green cloth in the toilet. So sorry. Please do not fire me. I mean, what the hell?

Someone has put in the effort to pile all but one of the school tables in the back of the classroom.

I just don’t get the logic. Why put everything there?

This painting was made two years before the school closed. It seems that the pupils were allowed to paint the walls long before they decided to close the school down.

Another lobby, another bird collection, another gymnasium. In the next post we’ll explore the top floors.

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