The Quiet School by the Market Square Part X

Here’s another collecion of pointless sentences together.

“Rescue my guinea pig! Please”

“Yeah, Yo Man”

The biggest sentence on the blackboard is Swedish, and says that you can’t eat that much, while the old sign begs for silence.

In addition to the collection of birds featured in an earlier post, the school had a collection of eggs. But which one came first, the egg or the chicken?

This is yet another of the plain crazy sights in this school. A caravan of birds led by a duck, a skull and a turtle. One poor birdie has even lost its head.

This bird has been left behind – or is flying ahead towards freedom. Who knows.

The glass box now contains glass jars.

A close up on the poor, headless bird.

And one on the skull. Google tells me that was a horse. Do you agree?

A box on the floor contained eggs, which had survived whatever had happened here.

A jar on the window board contained something really gross and slimy. I mean what is that? And what purposes could it have possibly served in a school?


On the fifth floor we found yet another small lobby built in the 50’s expansion, and another shower room.

The lobby also had a storage room for sports equipment.

So this is as high as it gets. We now start our journey down the stairs. The basement’s still left to explore. That I’ll leave to the final post from this building. Then you will also learn the fate of the place.

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