The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VI

Up, up we go again

And so we are reaching floor four out of five.

Is it just me, or is the pupil art getting more spectacular the higher up we get?

A wall full of aphorisms. Lovely.

The expansion built in the 50’s featured two more floors on top of the two original gymnasiums. They contained a third gymnasium and two new lobbies. And this set of stairs, which was pretty airy.

The rules for using the school’s premises.

The stairs next to the gymnasium door led to this strange low room with a staircase.

And the staircase led to the showers.

The floor is original from the 50’s, I guess. The bathroom of my former apartment had a similar one.

The window in the shower room. They had the best views in town. This really should have been a sauna.

The third gymnasium. Here, too, someone has dismantled a part of the wall bars.

The door at the back of the hall led to this small storage space.

We could have easily taken a volleyball match. There were two balls and a net left.

A view back. The light coming from the windows beautifully aligns with the door. The small door on the left also leads to the showers.

Apparently a circus school has trained here. The instructions tell them not to leave money or other valuables in the locker room, as there have been thieves.

So much for the third gymnasium. In the next post we’ll explore the fourth floor a bit more.

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