Around We Go

Already tired of my never ending stories about bizarre and failed business ideas and real estate businesses? No? Good! Here’s another one. This here is a former nursing home. It was originally built in the 1940’s as a municipal home and enlarged in the 1960’s to a new use. The building visible in this pictureContinue reading “Around We Go”

Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part II

In the previous post I called the main building a complex, and that’s what it really was. It was a low, very long and narrow building in many different parts and colors. Here you can see the shape a bit better. I started walking along the walls looking for open doors, but it seemed thatContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part II”

Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part I

As an active reader of news about soon to be demolished buildings, I had managed to locate a former nursing home on the outskirts of the town Hämeenlinna. It had been emptied and was destined for demolition. But I reckoned, it would still be there. It was an early Sunday afternoon. I was tired ofContinue reading “Don’t Forget To Lock Up Part I”

Wild Turns for the Nursing Home

When my friend realized where I was driving, she sent me a message about an abandoned nursing home nearby. Built in the early 1930’s as a municipal home, it was enlarged in the 50’s and again in the 80’s. The latter years of the building were a bit more turbulent. After being closed down itContinue reading “Wild Turns for the Nursing Home”

The Final Disposal for the Unwanted

My midsummer tour had now advanced to my destination, a town, the name of which I won’t disclose here. I spent the midsummer night grilling, chilling and in the sauna with friends, we even did some midsummer spells and went to the karaoke. We had a great time. I was up early the following day,Continue reading “The Final Disposal for the Unwanted”