Bygone Luxury

The summer was in the city. My injured foot had gotten better and I often enjoyed long city tours on my bike. It was getting late, almost 11 pm, when I caught sight of this. A beautiful, luxurious modernist villa was standing on a plot of wasteland between half built streets and brand new blocksJatka lukemista ”Bygone Luxury”

A Touch of Soviet Class

The spring of 2015 dawned as warm as ever. When the temperature for the first time allowed me to leave my jacket home, I took a long walk by the riverside. The result: my face was instantly burned, and three hours later it was aching. More was to come the following day. My feet didn’tJatka lukemista ”A Touch of Soviet Class”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVII

The place really seemed to be the home of long lost jackets. Paint had fallen off the roof on the upper floors, and everything was covered in this white dust. This common room was one of the few on the boys’ side to have art on the walls. Something in that colorful pattern pleases me.Jatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVII”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVI

Another funny detail in the building was, that the main staircase of the new annex building was actually located in the old building. The second floor common room. The boys had much more comfortable couches than the girls, but they had to share the kitchen and living room with a much larger group of peopleJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XVI”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XV

We’ll start our tour on the dark… I mean the old side with a cupbord under the stairs, where the local Harry Potter has hidden Christmas flowers and a bottle of brandy. The basement was a mess just like everything else. On the floor there are construction drawings, but what interests me the most isJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XV”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIV

The first room down here was the graveyard of bikes. A dusty electic piano has been left behind. Behind the piano was a corridor very similar to the one on all the floors above. But I didn’t expect to find apartments here. The rooms here were larger and were apparently used by the pupils forJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIV”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIII

Just another kitchen, but this kitchen looks very different from the identical ones in all the previous posts. This means, that I have left the original dormitory building and entered the newer annex. The first room I entered was very pink and very bright. I somehow doubt that this was the original colour of theJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIII”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XII

I did threaten to leave at the end of my last post, didn’t I? Well, forget it. I’m not quite done yet. But before new adventures, we’ll have to go back where it all started from. The lobby / common room once again. It’s not very well visible here, but the 40’s and 50’s builtJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XII”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part X

The attic was very different from the lower floors of the building. You really couldn’t be too careful when moving around. Everything on the floor, whether it was remains of a plate, door glass or wall glass, was very sharp. This room looked almost like it was reserved for hobby crafts. Did teens do thatJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part X”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IX

All right, one more of these living rooms. But somehow this setup reminds me of GTA Vice City. I mean, look at the 80’s furniture and beer cans. The final inhabitant really was a soft soul. Winnie the Pooh cards and a heart shaped toilet sign tell it all. This seems like a food relatedJatka lukemista ”Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IX”