A Ruined Welcome

Welcome to Vaasa, the pearl of the Finnish West coast. This is the place, where the city was founded in 1606. The church was built way back in the 14th century, and it was expanded in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In 1852 the city burned down. The fire spared only two buildings,Jatka lukemista ”A Ruined Welcome”

Life Left When the Ore ran out

The place featured in this week’s post is rather unusual, as it’s not really abandoned. We are talking about the village of Otanmäki, which is located in the former municipality of Vuolijoki, a part of Kajaani since 2007. The village was founded in the early 50’s, when iron ore was found nearby. A mine wasJatka lukemista ”Life Left When the Ore ran out”

The School for the Special Salmon Part V

The last part of my exploration begins in the second floor of the last, undiscovered wing. This was something I hadn’t found in any other part of the building: a room with inner glass walls. Let’s have a closer look behind the sofa. The sign says: ”Emergency exit. The route must remain unblocked”. Someone didn’tJatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part V”

The School for the Special Salmon Part IV

Like I said earlier, this wasn’t one of the most interesting buildings to photograph. There was just lots and lots of empty space. But every now and then something came up. The room was otherwise completely empty. And then in one corner there was a huge pile of party magazines for the True Finns, backJatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part IV”

The School for the Special Salmon Part III

Next I arrived in the main lobby. I took these pictures in September, but somehow they had already braced for the coming winter. In Finland we always joke about old people trying to use kicksleds in as little snow as possible. Wonder, where grandpa’s tried to go this time. Let’s have a look at theJatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part III”

The School for the Special Salmon Part II

As you can see from the picture, the power is on. This is the only abandoned house I’ve ever been to, which wasn’t completely abandoned. Boxers were training here even while I photographed. And yes, I did promise some surprises. Well, let’s see what we find if we follow that arrow. All right, it seemsJatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part II”

The School for the Special Salmon Part I

Because of my work I got involved with a building project. It was about demolishing an old school and some adjacent tree houses and replacing them with modern high rise blocks of flats with a nice view over a river. The school was from the 1960’s, a very unspectacular building with a red brick facade.Jatka lukemista ”The School for the Special Salmon Part I”

You May Look But You May Not Enter

The summer was over, leaves fell and darkness poured to Finland. I returned to my studies and the days were now so short, that you really couldn’t consider any photography realated adventured at all. Not that I had anything to photograph. My friends hadn’t tipped me about any new abandoned placess, and the ones IJatka lukemista ”You May Look But You May Not Enter”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part XI

There was a third staircase in the back of the wing which housed the three gymnasiums. This was far smaller and more difficult to access than the two main staircases, but we used this one to go down to ground floor, as we hadn’t been here yet. We left the stairs at the first floorJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part XI”

The Quiet School by the Market Square Part X

Here’s another collecion of pointless sentences together. ”Rescue my guinea pig! Please” ”Yeah, Yo Man” The biggest sentence on the blackboard is Swedish, and says that you can’t eat that much, while the old sign begs for silence. In addition to the collection of birds featured in an earlier post, the school had a collectionJatka lukemista ”The Quiet School by the Market Square Part X”