Semi Abandoned Sightseeing Tower

I stopped in a local city and picked up my friend. And so we drove to the darkening evening.

Our first location was the municipality of Kangasala, which is famous for its scenery. There is a sightseeing tower on the top of almost every major ridge running through the place. So we stopped in the centre, parked the car and started climbing a hill expecting to find a tower.

This isn’t just any tower. It’s the only tower of functionalistic architecture in addition to the tower of the Olympic Stadium in the whole country. It has been originally built in 1931.

But it does look a bit abandoned. The windows have been boarded shut and weeds are growing. My friend decided to try the door anyway.

Very much to our surprise it was unlocked.

Despite the foul weather, the view was indeed really nice.

The centre of the municipality is right behind those trees.

There are lakes all over the area. This one is looking Westwards, as the sun is setting there.

One more.

The stairs on the top of the tower were wooden.

And lower down they were of concrete like the rest of the tower.

But was this place abandoned or not? Well, yes and no.

According to the original plans the wing with the boarded windows was originally built to house a café. Originally there have also been a ballroom and a restaurant next to the tower, but they were closed down in 1961 and demolished in 1967. It is unclear, when activities in the café in the foot of the tower stopped.

However, the tower has since been reopened and a new café has been constructed next to it after our visit. On the website of the café it says, that the tower is open whenever the café is. For one reason or another it was left open for us that night.

Counts as an adventure.

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