A Disputed Church

I think I stated in a very recent post, that there are few abandoned churches in Finland. There in fact is another one just 25 kilometres away from the ruin church. This modernist masterpiece is the church of Valkeakoski. Built in 1969 it isn’t even old yet, and there’s even nothing wrong with it. ThisContinue reading “A Disputed Church”

Take Me To Church

One of the things that is often admired on urbex photography sites are abandoned churches. Amazing photographs of old religious buildings have really rocked the internet. But they are from abroad. In Finland we really don’t have that many abandoned churches. The reason is very simple. As Lutherans have been the majority religion throughout theContinue reading “Take Me To Church”

Winter Games & Ruins

The last days of the year and the decade were approaching. After Christmas I decided to take a trip to my childhood home town to see my god son. It was very wintry there, and he was really happy about it. I really am not a keen fan of snow and frost, but of courseContinue reading “Winter Games & Ruins”

A Ruined Welcome

Welcome to Vaasa, the pearl of the Finnish West coast. This is the place, where the city was founded in 1606. The church was built way back in the 14th century, and it was expanded in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In 1852 the city burned down. The fire spared only two buildings,Continue reading “A Ruined Welcome”

The Prelude to a Discovery

Welcome to Southeastern Finland and Lake Saimaa. I spent a lot of time here during one especially dry and hot summer. As my blog is about photos and stories from abandoned places as well as my story of discovering those abandoned places, I decided to take this opportunity to promote this part of Finland aContinue reading “The Prelude to a Discovery”