The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part III

Floor four of the massive abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium.

One more look towards the yard and the main entrance and the wing. I don’t know what the wing housed, as we never entered that part of the building.

We thought that this would be a good floor to start exploring deeper into the long part of the building. It did contain lots of plaster from the walls and some white dust. That was probably containing the asbestos they had warned us about outside.

The rooms had had a really nice wooden parquette replaced by a more modern wooden floor at a later time. The new layer had just been put on top of the old one.

The corridors were exhaustingly long and covered in dirt, dust and paint which had fallen off the walls. The building was nevertheless magnificent from the inside, too.

When you compare the corridors to the outside of the building, you can actually see quite well, where you are. The narrow window board on the picture above and below this one reveals it.

The clocks have stopped a long time ago.

These clocks aren’t of the usual model seen in Finnish public buildings. They look rather quite a lot older.

Most of the rooms were pretty similar in shape and size. The main difference was in the wall colours and floor materials. Perhaps the latter had something to do with the hierarchy of the room’s user like in the headquarters of Newspaper Kaleva.

Another feature of almost every old hospital and the headmaster’s doorway in schools. It didn’t work anymore.

Like this building couldn’t save every soul during its hospital years, it still cant. Poor crow.

All windows were still broken no matter what the floor. But as we were going up, we noticed, that there was indeed a nice scenery behind the trees.

Another floor, another lobby. But this time we’re even higher up than earlier. If we looked out through the windows of the room on the left, would the scenery be worth the trouble already?

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