Work in Progress Part III

Another look at the room with the vintage lamp. The door frames look like they have been torn off and there’s a ladder on the floor. It actually also seems like the floor is not really a floor but just two very large boards piled on top of another. The main stairway of the apartmentsContinue reading “Work in Progress Part III”

Work in Progress Part II

Upstairs we go. This was where a meeting room and employer apartments were located. This, I believe, was the meeting room. And the reason to that is very simple. The reason to my belief was this utterly stupid stairway. It led up from the production area, and ended up in this room without really acnowledgingContinue reading “Work in Progress Part II”

My Urbex Dream

In 2011, when I was still taking my first baby steps as an urban explorer, I spent the summer working in Southeastern Finland. That was when I found an old dairy plant mostly abandoned near a large highway. Back then the place was in some use. The yard was clean, there were trailers and stuff,Continue reading “My Urbex Dream”