Work in Progress Part III

Another look at the room with the vintage lamp. The door frames look like they have been torn off and there’s a ladder on the floor. It actually also seems like the floor is not really a floor but just two very large boards piled on top of another.

The main stairway of the apartments upstairs. A lot easier to climb than the one I used to get up.

The toilet. Beautiful, pink and very old fashioned. If I remember correctly, this was the only toilet upstairs, so all the inhabitants shared it. Quite a primitive way to live.

Now this was really the part why this collection is named Work in Progress. Somebody has actually started serious renovations by dismantling the floors all the way to the structure of the building. But apparently something happened. Maybe the work needed was too big, maybe they ran out of money. Nevertheless, the result is an abandoned former dairy plant in a small village in the middle of nowhere.

This is where it continues. Spare windows, cans of paint. Even a paintbrush, which has apparently been used. This is so sad. The building would make beautiful apartments, but things have somehow been interrupted.

They started in this corner of the building, but here it gets strange. I would have thought, that the floor would have been made of timber, but the supporting structure is actually concrete beams. This ensures, that the building will stand for the years to come, unless it is demolished, and I hope it won’t be. It’s extremely beautiful and worthy of preservation.

I somehow hope, that someone continues this project. But I don’t think my hopes are justified. The decay has just gone too far and the location is too remote.

One final look upstairs before a gracious exit through the main entrance.

An old fridge, and old freezer. Probably the fridge is one of the original ones from the 1960’s.

And one more modern one with loads of egg cartons and a can of buttermilk. What a sour way of ending this adventure.

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