Work In Progress Part I

I was driving along a rural road, when I spotted something interesting along the way in a very small village. Once again the building screamed abandonment. The text on the wall indicated, that it was a former dairy processing plant. Actually I wasn’t too sure, if the place was abandoned or not. The bushes indicated,Continue reading “Work In Progress Part I”

The Miller’s Tale Part III

When I reached the second floor, I had my doubts about going up. The stairs and roof still looked solid, but I’m a little afraid of heights. But it turned out that the second floor wasn’t very large or exciting. A photo taken to look what lies ahead. The narrow stairs led to another partContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part III”

The Miller’s Tale Part II

Although the mill was old and had been abandoned for almost 30 years, its structures seemed solid enough for me to proceed further up the building. The wood seemed dry and no rotten parts were immediately visible. On the ground floor there were dark corners and boarded up windows. A lot of the original machineryContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part II”

The Miller’s Tale Part I

When the snow was finally gone, it was time to start exploring. Through Instagram I found an abandoned mill not to far from my home. My friend borrowed her father’s car and we went looking for the place. The recognizeable form of the old mill wasn’t too hard to find. The mill had originally beenContinue reading “The Miller’s Tale Part I”