Stop The Press Part II

On the third floor was some sort of a representation lobby, which was far more luxurious than the lobby downstairs. During the last days of the building’s use all kinds of stuff distributed for free to the employees were located here.

The corridor looks much scarier than it used to be. To the right was the kitchen, to the left was the balcony seen in the previous post. Up front is the canteen.

And the canteen. This was where we had lunch every day.

There was still electricity in the building, but I didn’t know where the switches were. I had never needed them.

A look towards the kitchen. I had only been at the door, as it was customary, that the first one in the morning meeting took yesterday’s coffee pots back and brought fresh ones.

The dust on the floor was an indication of some demolition work done. The kitchen appliances had been removed and apparently sold forward.

For me this was the most exotic part of the house. I had been everywhere in the building except for this room.

I didn’t know they needed that many fridges to feed us daily.

The canteen was operated by an independent company. It was open for other companies in the area but not really for the public.

To be continued.

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