Destroy the Press Part III

A look from the balcony towards the editorial office reveals, that the mushroom like thing in the middle still remains. The clock has stopped, though.

A view from the other corner. Although things still look pretty intact, the demolition has progressed rapidly.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a vending machine for condoms? I never saw it in the building while I worked there. And what did it do there anyway? A quick aid for sudden workplace romances?

The corridor to the canteen now looks a lot scarier than it did before.

This is where the kitchen used to be.

In this room I was first interviewed for a position.

And this was where the editor in chief was.

This room was reserved to the management’s assistant.

Another corner of the building where I used to work. I did quite a lot of different duties with the company and my seat changed accordingly.

One of the few personal artifacts still remaining in the building. This joke mocks an election commercial with the candidate campaining for a mandatory siesta.

On so many mornings I left the morning meeting through this corridor. Now there is no corridor.

The morning meetings are no more either.

One last look at the meeting room. We then went on drinking wine until we ran out and left the building. The final thing we found was a bulletin board with just one stack of papers attached to it. It was a list of work shifts from the summer of 2015 and my name was on that list, which was a bit spooky. This was the first time I found myself in an abandoned house, but I still wanted to find a newspaper with my own article in it.

On our way out we met another group of urban explorers entering the building. We went to continue the evening to a local bar and posted a picture of me drinking wine on the spot where the editors used to sit. My colleagues found this hilarious and it was the talk of the coffee tables the next week. That’s how most of the company learned that I was an urban explorer.

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