Destroy the Press Part II

Our adventures next continued upstairs to the Harris lobby.

A part of the stuff left behind by the newspaper still remained. Someone had messed things up, though.

It seems this room was used for coffee breaks by the demolition company, as these things weren’t here when I photographed here right after the newspaper had left.

I really have no idea, what that is about.

Such a mess.

The administration worked here. Things have been prepared for the wrecking ball.

Random leftover stuff was stored in some of the rooms of the management.

I tried to photograph my old office, but it just wasn’t quite the same.

That’s the corner where my desk used to sit.

These were the premises of the senior management. Their treatment now seems pretty cold.

They took out the windows but left the curtains.

The floor had been removed in some parts of the top floor. In other parts it was still intact.

My adventure will continue in the third and final post from this location.

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