Let the Destruction Begin

Winter was slowly turning to spring, and believe me, in the North of Finland it really happens slowly. In mid-April we were finally over the worst, and it was no longer completely dark at 9 pm.

I was driving home from my other hobby (yes, I have other hobbies than UE too), when I noticed something was going on with my former workplace.

Demolition had started. They began by destroying what once was the kitchen and canteen and one side of the editorial offices. The rooms to the left missing windows were the former offices of the management on the top floor and the meeting room, where the daily newspaper was planned, on the first floor.

Although I knew this was coming, I was a bit sad. After all, this was where I had spent most of my career so far and where I had progressed in my professional skills a lot.

I decided to return regularly to document the demolition like I did with the old printing house.

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