Winter Games & Ruins

The last days of the year and the decade were approaching. After Christmas I decided to take a trip to my childhood home town to see my god son. It was very wintry there, and he was really happy about it. I really am not a keen fan of snow and frost, but of course I went to play along. In fact we had a grand day out their whole family and me.

Of course if you are a local or a loyal follower, you’ll recognize the place immediately. It has been mentioned in one of my older posts. I did tell you in it, that the ruins of the medieval church and its surroundings are a popular sledhill in the winter.

And of course if you read that post, you’ll know that there’s an old station park behind the area. The station has burned years ago, but there are still some auxiliary buildings left.

Since my previous visit here in 2013, which was described in the post mentioned earlier, they have cleaned up the area somewhat. There were still some abandoned buildings left, as the city wondered, whether they could be preserved or should be demolished.

But not too far was another abandoned house, this time an old farm. My friend told me that it was accessible, and we thought about going in for a while. But we also had my five year old godson and his younger sibling with us. If we entered, they would want, too, and they were too young to be encouraged.

So why not build a snowman instead.

After we left the area and got to my friends’ car, they told me, they wanted to show me something. We drove a bit further away to find this.

It’s a former youth association house abandoned decades ago. It’s historically important, but nobody has looked after it and it probably is beyond rescue. It stands on the site of a 17th century prison and the rumour has it, that they built this house on the prison’s basement.

So much for the 2010’s then, as 2020 was right behind the corner. And as we all know it was a life changing year for everybody, either for the good or the bad. It was such for me too, and especially for my urbex hobby.

But we’ll get to that a bit later.

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