Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VIII

Look, I know already, that beginning each post with a shot like this from the stairway doesn’t bring me any new fans. But it gives me structure, ok? Here’s something only Finns will understand. I bet the teachers told you not to rock on your chair. The funny thing was I couldn’t recall seeing aContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VIII”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VII

I really did feel heartly welcome here. When trying to make up something to write about this photo, I realized, I don’t know how to use things like that. I better learn before the next power outage. Anybody ever wondered, what’s inside a door? Well, here’s the answer. Why not have an even closer look.Continue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VII”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VI

All the balconies on the main stairway were boarded up. The reason probably was, that teenagers used fire stairs to climb to them and break inside the building. This far up the windows were no longer broken. KKK was here? It says “sold” on the red sheets of paper. Whatever has been sold has beenContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VI”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part V

So this is what happens, when you smash the glass above the stove. Hopefully it will never happen to me when cooking something. Another note forbidding showers after 10pm. And somebody asking, is it a sin. This toilet has met its fate. So has this phone. Here the inhabitants had decorated the walls. And itContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part V”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IV

As you can see from the gap, it was completely light outside – and very dark inside. What? Windows that are still intact? What is this? Oh dear! The vandals have really failed here. Oh no, they haven’t. These vandals just practiced for a career in mining industry. This kitchen had several holes dug inContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IV”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part III

What I really adore about old buildings is their stairways. They have a central role and usually had big windows and nice details. Up we go, then. As I said in my previous post, this place was full of instructions. Here it says that use of elevator is only allowed given permission by staff. TheContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part III”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part II

Hello, and let me once again wish you my warmest welcome to the abandoned vocational school dormitory covered in snow. This view is directly from the entrance located in the part between the old and new sides of the building. First up there was a cozy common room for the inhabitants. It featured lots ofContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part II”

Smells Like Teen Spirit Part I

On the edge of the city center in Oulu stood a large house with boarded windows. The older part was built in the early 1950’s and was designed by the first city architect Martti Heikura. An annex was added in 1973. The place was the student dormitory of a vocational school located nearby. Or actuallyContinue reading “Smells Like Teen Spirit Part I”

A Taste of Education

In the 1950’s a workers’ institute was founded in a small village. The main aim of it was to provide education to trade union actives and to weaken the strong pro-communist opinions in the area back then. The institute received funding from the USA. It has been rumoured, that even the CIA was involved, butContinue reading “A Taste of Education”

Bored on a Summer Evening

Almost two years had passed since my last explorations in abandoned buildings. There were two main reasons for that. The first one was that I had no time. I studied two degrees and worked three jobs. The second reason was, that there was nothing new to explore in my home town. I had already visitedContinue reading “Bored on a Summer Evening”