The Yellow House

I originally spotted this location next to a narrow road on the outskirts of a small town, when I realized that it looked overgrown and abandoned. I didn’t have time to explore it back then, but when making my way up North on another journey, I gave it another go. Trees and bushes covering theContinue reading “The Yellow House”

The Fish Finger School Part IX

As we reached the basement, we had gone through the whole building accessible from the main entrance. In addition to the school and the stairway with the former teachers’ apartments, there was another stairway, which was only accessible from the outside. The door to it is the one on right. The balconies featured some ofContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part IX”

The Fish Finger School Part VIII

This was apparently the music class, as there were a lot of music books and sheets on the floor. In addition to music books there was drawing related stuff on the floor. Harry Potter stuff. Yay! The books did seem a little bit outdated. Even my generation had more modern ones. Drawing on desktops wasContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part VIII”

The Fish Finger School Part VII

On the other side of the wall to the narrow roof was a side corridor with classrooms. The corridor was very light and very nice. The rooms were spacious and the ceiling was pretty high. Everything had been smashed here. Even lamps had been torn from the ceiling. Once again I’ve found the final coffeeContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part VII”

The Fish Finger School Part VI

The pen has been attached to a wall to avoid theft. So somebody removed the wall. The back room of the school kitchen. The city has tried to avoid unauthorized visitors by blocking windows, but it has proved to be pretty useless. At this point we also realized that we weren’t alone in the building.Continue reading “The Fish Finger School Part VI”

The Fish Finger School Part V

A closer look at the books on the floor of the Language House’s entrance hall. This article is about a national park in the northern part of Finland very close to where I used to live for ten years. Biology books or books about mushrooms had gotten no mercy in the hands of people throwingContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part V”

The Fish Finger School Part IV

So this is it, the entrance to the language house. As you can see, the destruction is total. All glass on the doors has been smashed and the yellow crumbs on the floor are insulation material from the building. The doors opened to a small lobby. The glass walled room is probably where the caretakersContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part IV”

The Fish Finger School Part III

In this post we’ll explore the barrack further. Have you already noticed, that the amount of photos from the school is way larger than from many other locations, by the way. Like I said, they had left everything including laptops. That one wasn’t of the latest model, but could surely still have been used hadContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part III”

The Fish Finger School Part II

Like I said earlier, we started by exploring the small red barrack on the yard. It was the most recent addition to the school complex, but the date of building remains unknown. It wasn’t visible on maps from the early 1990’s. We were greeted by a huge mess and destruction already at the front doorContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part II”

The Fish Finger School Part I

In my late teens I was a football coach for a girls’ soccer team. The girls were just four years younger than me and after quitting I remained friends with several of them. In fact I am the godfather of one of their children. One of the girls moved to the capital region after myContinue reading “The Fish Finger School Part I”