The Workers’ Institute That Vanished Again

When the workers’ institute moved away from the premises, where I photographed in 2014, 2016 and 2017, it was given new spaces in a former school. Built originally in 1964 as a secondary school and high school, it was enlarged in 1968 and 1972. A curious detail about the building was that it was designedJatka lukemista ”The Workers’ Institute That Vanished Again”

Just Came to See if You Were Still Around

Although I quit photographing and exploring abandoned places after my disappointment with the quality of my photos, I never lost interest towards the world of the abandoned. When I decided to spend the new year in the same city where I made a road trip the previous summer, it was clear where I would go.Jatka lukemista ”Just Came to See if You Were Still Around”

Stop The Press Part III

Another slightly more exotic area was the area of the executives of the company. This cabinet was behind the canteen. A former meeting room. Red fabric and dark wood were the dominant colours of this area of the building. If I’m not entirely mistaken, this was where the CEO sat. The third floor had beautifulJatka lukemista ”Stop The Press Part III”

Stop The Press Part II

On the third floor was some sort of a representation lobby, which was far more luxurious than the lobby downstairs. During the last days of the building’s use all kinds of stuff distributed for free to the employees were located here. The corridor looks much scarier than it used to be. To the right wasJatka lukemista ”Stop The Press Part II”

Stop The Press Part I

The demolition of Kaleva Print was just the beginning of changes on the premises. The headquarters of newspaper Kaleva was still located in the older part of the complex, which was still standing. Every morning we went to work to a building, which had an intact facade, but the backside was a massive water filledJatka lukemista ”Stop The Press Part I”

The Day the Chimney Fell

The newspaper said that the battle was over. The forest giant owning the old Martinniemi sawmill’s power station was given permission to demolish it along with the huge chimney, which had been the landmark of the village for close to a hundred years. I found the place in 2011, photographed there in 2014 and visitedJatka lukemista ”The Day the Chimney Fell”

The Other Nature of Deserted Finland

”I want this to be my last sight before I die.” That has been said about the scenery from the top of the fjeld Pyhä-Nattanen in Sodankylä, Lapland. And when somebody speaks that highly of a place, it has to be seen. The only problem with the place was, that there are two sides toJatka lukemista ”The Other Nature of Deserted Finland”

Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed

My friends and colleagues, municipal politicians and construction professionals had long complained to me about my will to preserve every single building slated for demolition. If you have read this blog this far, you might probably have an idea whether they are right or not. If you haven’t maybe you should go to the beginningJatka lukemista ”Not All Lost Souls Will Be Missed”

The Worker Gal

After our photo shoot in the old workers’ academy, we headed to the abandoned power plant in Martinniemi to continue with a different theme. After a nice midday dance session we went to have lunch and coffee to the marketplace in Oulu, and vowed to have another as soon as possible. Again a selection ofJatka lukemista ”The Worker Gal”

The Working Class Girl

Long time no see, the Dancing Ghost of the School. After a long time of being busy attending our own businesses, we managed to find a day we both had off work and other activites. We fondly remembered our previous photo shoot and decided to take a rematch. There were few suitable locations around, whereJatka lukemista ”The Working Class Girl”