The Fall Of Causes

After independence Finland fought a bloody civil war, which left the nation extremely divided. The whites and the reds couldn’t co-operate in almost anything and this led to an interesting dual society. One visible thing were sports clubs. In every major town there was at least one for the right wing people and one forContinue reading “The Fall Of Causes”

House Of Colors Part II

Another look at the kitchen, where the choice of lamp is rather interesting. In the cupboard were still some old conserve cans. They had been carefully cleaned for reuse, and thus revealed nothing about the favorite foods of the last inhabitant. There was even toilet paper left, although the toilet was now unusable. Another interestingContinue reading “House Of Colors Part II”

House of Colors Part I

An early morning, another tiny village with little to see but the church. And an interesting looking house with boarded windows. The corner with the blocked entrance is strange. I’ve seen doors like that in old houses, where there have been small businesses located downstairs and the apartment of the shop owner upstairs. I thinkContinue reading “House of Colors Part I”

Valkeinen Hospital

Welcome to Kuopio, the town of a thick dialect and famous for extremely strange fish pastrys called the Kalakukko (fish cock). They are large rye breads, which are filled with fish, pork and bacon. The locals are passionate about it and often quarrel about what fish should be used and which bakery produces the rightContinue reading “Valkeinen Hospital”

Bad News From Spain

Did I already mention, that former mental asylums were a thing that summer. I didn’t? Well, former mental asylums were a thing that summer. Here we have one beautiful hospital building again from the 1920’s. But wait a second, doesn’t it look like it’s very much in use? It does indeed. It currently serves asContinue reading “Bad News From Spain”

Two Schools In One Shot

Every once in a while you spot something interesting while driving. This time it was this. A beautiful old school building, which had definitely seen better days. Like the older building of the mental asylum I covered in my previous post, even this beauty had been built in the 1920’s as a school for kidsContinue reading “Two Schools In One Shot”

Just Another Mental Asylum

Abandoned mental asylums had sort of been the thing of this summer. I had found a nice and useful list of former mental asylums, and as I now was doing a tour on Finland, I decided to visit them all. This mental asylum had originally been a mansion, which was bought by the town toContinue reading “Just Another Mental Asylum”

The Forest Cottage

Next to a highway between two rural towns I spotted this. A tiny cottage with covered windows, such a common sight outside Finnish cities. Only the windows facing the road were covered. This was a clear sign of abandonment. The yard was fully overgrown and it was a bit difficult to reach the door throughContinue reading “The Forest Cottage”

A Dream Vacation

Here we go again. The road ends in a cape in a remote location. I’ve received info about a location I should visit from a friend, and it looks like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. We are literally in the middle of nowhere, and there’s a tennis court here. It looks like itContinue reading “A Dream Vacation”