Mining Village Grocery Store

This already seems like a too familiar story, but let’s tell it all over again. In 1948 a copper mine was founded in a very small village of a very small municipality. In addition to a mine, the company built an enrichment plant, two very spectacular blocks of flats and other infrastructure in a location,Continue reading “Mining Village Grocery Store”

The New Mine

So what happened after the new mine was opened in 1954 and the old mine featured in the last post was closed? Well, mining continued all the way until 1989, when enough copper had been extracted. In May that year the mine was closed. They dismantled the machinery either for the museum, resale or justContinue reading “The New Mine”

The Old Mine

This is an old mine built in the 1920’s. Technically it isn’t abandoned. But it is interesting enough to be featured in my blog. In 1908 a bay in Rääkkylä, Northern Karelia, was being made deeper. They found a large rock rich with copper, so they started searching the area for the vein. They foundContinue reading “The Old Mine”

Mätäsvaara Mine

Where there is a former mining village, there is also a former mine. This time it isn’t very hard to find it. The sign says ‘Mätäsvaara Mine Stage’, and this is exactly what it is. A stage and a stand have been built in the old quarry to be used by the local yearly classicalContinue reading “Mätäsvaara Mine”

Mätäsvaara Mining Village

In the early 20th century, when the railroad between the towns of Lieksa and Nurmes was being built, a deposit of molybdenum was found. They started extracting the ore and ferrying it to Germany to make steel, but as there was no way to process the ore, the business was unsuccessful and ended in 1916.Continue reading “Mätäsvaara Mining Village”