Famous, Yet Forgotten

A-ha, a quarry. That seems promising!

It does forbid driving, but driving to the premises is allowed. So if I’ll drive there to visit the quarry, that’s not wrong, is it?

The quarry was very old. You couldn’t have figured out that you were in one if you hadn’t known it.

So this was it? That’s all?

Technically yes, definitely not. The quarry was opened in the 18th century, when St. Petersburg was founded in Russia. The new capital city needed stone, and the quarry provided red granite of excellent quality.

In fact the quality of the granite was so impressive, that the Alexander Column, one of the world’s largest monoliths, came from here. So did many of the columns in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which are also monoliths.

The quarry provided stone until the early 20th century. Recently some attempts have been made to turn it into a tourist attraction.

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