Was Told to Expect Nature, Found This Part III

After passing the barracks it was all nature again.

But after a while a fairly large seaport with imported cars appeared on the left side. What kind of a nature trail is this, I thought to myself. There’s more of everything else than nature here.

Ah, now we are at it. Let’s take a moment to enjoy a few pics of nature before something else comes up again.

After the forest the trail then continued on bare cliff.

There were man made constructions in the tip of the cape. I believe these have housed artillery, as they are similar than those on Taivaskallio in Helsinki. Also notice the huge ‘natural’ blue ship in the background.

This was as far as you could go by foot. You’d need a boat after this.

The sign says it all.

This is where I sat for a couple of hours drinking French red wine and making notes in my diary. Until suddenly I got a crazy idea. I immediately got up and started walking as fast as I could towards the station to catch the next train.

On my way back I noticed this bunker, but I had no time to explore further. I wanted to make my idea true as soon as I could.

One final look at the sea.

And then I was back on the streets of Hanko walking full speed to catch the train.

I reached the station with three minutes to go, was sweating and panting, but had made it. And when I had calmed down, I started searching for used cars.

Because my grand idea was this: I would buy myself a summer car. I would tour around Finland, hike in national parks and photograph abandoned buildings in places I had never even dreamed of visiting.

And I am a person, who makes their dreams come true.

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