Ralph’s House Part I

Outside town, in the woods was a small one family home. Its windows were broken and door unlocked. It was clear nobody had lived here in ages. Nobody had lived here since 2007, to be precise. That was when the inhabitant died. We shall call him Ralph, although that’s not his real name. If thereContinue reading “Ralph’s House Part I”

Under Surveillance

Another day, another friend, another adventure. I had managed to locate a couple of places from Kniexp’s old website, and was on my way to explore them further. They were located in pretty remote places outside town. On the way we found this. Of course I knew about this place earlier. It was a oneContinue reading “Under Surveillance”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part V

So this is as high as it gets. The view from the eight floor balcony over the lake really was worth the climb. The sunset was beautiful, but it was a bit difficult to enjoy it when I noticed, that the balcony I was standing on was growing trees from its cracks. Visibility was good.Continue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part V”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV

Well I did promise some views, didn’t I. We’re not quite there yet, and the windows are a bit dirty for sightseeing anyway, but this photo actually started a trend I have employed a lot later on in my photography. As the evening light came so beautifully through the window, I started photographing sceneries framedContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part IV”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part III

Floor four of the massive abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium. One more look towards the yard and the main entrance and the wing. I don’t know what the wing housed, as we never entered that part of the building. We thought that this would be a good floor to start exploring deeper into the long part ofContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part III”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II

The door was indeed ajar. It led to a very dark basement, which could best be described as being a maze. We went through it carefully using our phones and flashlights, but the trek did remind me of why I usually never enter basements when being in abandoned buildings. The first staircase we found wasContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part II”

The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part I

The final location of our midsummer tour was perhaps the largest, most beautiful and saddest abandoned building in Finland ever. It was a large tuberculosis sanatorium located in a beautiful cape near a large lake. It was around a hundred metres long, nine storeys high and built in a wonderful 1930’s functionalistic style. It isContinue reading “The Sorry State of the Mastodon Part I”

Smells Like Egg Farts

Our Midsummer tour continued further down the dirt roads near the Russian border. We found a bigger road, but again my friend ordered me to leave it for narrower gravel paths. Suddenly there was a gate blocking the road, and we had to continue by foot. Parking was an issue, however, as there were atContinue reading “Smells Like Egg Farts”

Rust in Peace

Our journey on the border between Finland and Russia continued to smaller and smaller dirt roads. My friend acting as the guide said, he knew another location, which might be interesting. He said it was a bit difficult to spot, so he told me to slow down while he was keeping an eye on theContinue reading “Rust in Peace”

The Trapped Village

Let the sign speak for itself: As you can see, we are in a small village between Finland and Russia. In the 1850’s it was situated on the shores of a large lake and otherwise surrounded by fields. First they built a channel, not a very large one, but important for the economy. It ranContinue reading “The Trapped Village”