Ruins of a Life

After exploring the horse farm, we moved on towards our next location just a few hundred metres down the same road. After looking through the photos of another urban explorer and comparing them to the satellite photos from the area, I determined I was looking for a very old house, which had probably partly collapsed by now by the look of the roof.

We got to the location, but found no house. There was a small opening to a sandy plot of land in the bushes and we determined, that was, where the house had been.

My friend started roaming the area, and I pretty soon noticed why. The house was perhaps gone, but those, who had demolished it, hadn’t done a very good job in cleaning the property. There were lots of old things sticking from the ground.

My grandparents used similar sun cream in the early 1990’s. I can vividly remember, that they had cans like this in their bathroom back then.

It’s been a while since coffee was sold in cans like this.

A can of imported Danish beer. I tried to Google some old Tuborg cans to determine its age, but it proved to be impossible.

There were also some small pots and bowls.

I think that used to be a kettle. It was buried so deep in the ground, we were unable to find out the truth.

The brick is probably what remains of the chimney. The glass bottle has been a lucky surivor: after all, an excavator has rooted through this place.

Of course they needed an axe. In satellite photos from the area there are three buildings visible. One has been the main building, and the auxiliary buildings have probably once again featured a firewood storage, privy, sauna and things like that.

There were several glass bottle survivors in the area.

This is a sign of very old life. Someone has placed an ad in the papers that they want to sell a healthy, strong, good horse. And yet below it somebody is selling a welding machine and someone else wants to buy a sewing machine.

It was impossible to trace the age of the newspapers. I know that logo was used still in the late 1980’s, as it was casted in the facade of the printing house built in 1986. The papers in the house were definitely older than that, but I have no clue when the logo was created.

This was all there was to see in our third location of the day. But we weren’t finished yet.

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