Moving the Hard Way

After I had packed my stuff and transported them to my new home in the capital region, I still lived a week in my old, empty apartment, which would be taken over by my friend. One of my colleagues who worked with me that summer and had become my friend, told me, that she was moving to Tampere the very same day and her best friend would be driving her. I asked them for a lift.

We agreed to meet at noon. I was sipping sparkling wine in my favourite café, when they came to pick me and my stuff up. I bought another bottle to go, opened it in the back seat and began enjoying the nice, sunny autumn day. My friend opened her bottle, too.

Slowly we started getting drunk and discussing our hobbies. When my friend heard about my trip to the adventure park in June, she began screaming. She told me the place had been a big part of her childhood, and she wanted to go there too.

As it happened to be, our route didn’t take us too far from it…

…and there we were again.

Here you see a childhood about to be ruined. She took it surprisingly well.

And in the end our move didn’t end up so well. When we got to Tampere, we decided, I shouldn’t take the train to my new home quite yet. We decided to go partying instead, but after drinking for the whole day I fell asleep in my friend’s bed.

The following afternoon I finally caught the train. It broke down on the way and I was almost late for work. Sweating and panting I arrived there with three bags and was welcomed to the capital region.

My adventures in the new world of urbex had started.

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