Going, Going, Gone

Despite having moved to the capital region, I still visited my old home town often, several times a month. During the visits I was often busy meeting friends and working. I really didn’t have much time to wander around.

As I had spent a good ten years in the city, I knew a lot of people. Luckily they liked me and were willing to let me stay in their corners, whenever I needed a place to sleep for a few nights.

One of my friends lived very close to the former central vocational school and its dormitory, which had been abandoned almost 10 years ago. I photographed the place from basement to attic in 2015, and it was one of my most thorough explorations until then.

An early November day, when I was leaving my friend’s place, I decided to go have a look at what was happening around the dormitory.

Turns out, that a lot was happening. The 1970’s annex had already been demolished, and the old 1950’s building was well on its way vanishing, too. I thanked myself for going in and photographing it so thoroughly.

This is one of the reason I do urban exploring and why this blog exists. I want to document places, which will soon vanish. For myself and for everybody else.

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