An Institute Beyond Recognition Part III

We begin the exploration to the upstairs in the annex of the workers’ institute with a view to a kitchen.

And here’s another kitchen. I can recall having photographed here. Back then the closet doors were in their place and nobody had removed the stove.

There are houses right behind that window and the inhabitants were at home. We had to be pretty careful not to make too much noise.

The corridor back towards the stairs. Everything is covered in a fine white dust here.

I really don’t understand this statement. The windows have been broken for years, so probably the kitchen is as cold as it is outside.

Some explorers have left their mark on dust.

The panel part of the fuse panel is there, but the fuses have vanished.

This toilet was one of the few in the whole complex which had been modernized. Most of them were in their original shape.

A close up on the broken floor tiles.

What a strange thing it has been to paint even the roof of the bathroom green. The solution has not been original, as you can see from what is revealed from underneath it.

The contrast between the dirty white inside and the fresh green outside is pretty spectacular. The yellow word says ‘slut’ in Finnish.

The main building seen through the windows of the annex. We would have explored further, but one of us was expected home and so we agreed to finish exploring the annex and return at a later date to come check out the rest of the buildings.

Another one of my typical window shots.

And another kitchen. The wooden floors would have been wonderful given a good sand blasting and a fresh coat of lacquer.

The bathroom sewer still has the hair of the last person who showered there attached to it.

Another window shot.

What’s this then? A balcony shot?

One final picture from the attic. Once there was a comfy chair like a throne below the window with a broken TV next to it. Now they are gone.

And so were we. One of us went home to a family dinner, I and my friend decided to go have a beer. But we agreed to return once more.

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