Collapse is Imminent Part I

After visiting Ralph’s house, we knew that there was another abandoned building nearby. I had found it on a fellow urbexer’s website, but didn’t really know where to look for it.

In this part of town there were only a few roads with houses, so we knew we had to be close. I knew what the house we looked for looked like, yet there was nothing like that to be found.

But next to Ralph’s house was a road, which led to an extremely strange pile of rubble. A quick check on Google Street View confirmed, that the place looked indeed just like the one in the photos.

It had, however, completely collapsed.

This used to be the terrace. Beams holding the roof have broken, the inner and outer roof have fallen and all that remains is the roofing felt hanging in the air.

There was a way in, but we didn’t take it, as the place was no longer safe. The sawdust on the floor is the former insulation.

There was an attic, but oh, well. This place has suffered a catastrophic failure. On the website it was known as a place covered in mould, and they did predict that it wouldn’t last for very long. I don’t think that the destruction they predicted would be so complete.

A look through the front door shows the damage. The black thing on the inner roof is probably what was written about.

Another look at what remains of the terrace. The roof has had both an inner and an outer layer, but they are both destroyed.

My friend was braver than I was, and actually went inside. She is an archaeologist, you know.

We tried going around the house, but the destruction was absolutely total.

It was pretty pointless to try to figure out which room we were looking at. There was just too little remaining.

We found it really hard to believe, that this wasn’t a demolition site. Nature had done the demolition.

And really in some parts of the house, the house really had just vanished.

In the following post we try to take a better look inside.

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