Wind of Change

Recognize this place?

Yes, it’s the modernist villa in Toppila, which I already visited the previous summer. Once again one of my friends asked me, if I could take her to an abandoned house, and as this one was nearby, we went here.

As I had already photographed the place, I only took three pictures this time. Much of the place was unchanged since my previous visit.

As the stairs had been removed, I didn’t gain access upstairs the previous time. But someone had wanted there too badly. They had piled some old furniture in the lobby, and by climbing on the wobbly pile, one could take a look at the bygone luxury in the living room.

This place had been a beauty, and I would visit it several more times. It will become an excellent example of how abandoned places change, sometimes quite quickly.

More photos from the location from the previous summer can be found here.


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