Bygone Luxury

The summer was in the city. My injured foot had gotten better and I often enjoyed long city tours on my bike. It was getting late, almost 11 pm, when I caught sight of this.

A beautiful, luxurious modernist villa was standing on a plot of wasteland between half built streets and brand new blocks of flats. It seemed inevitable, that its days were numbered.

The villa already had brand new neighbours. A quick check of the city zone map revealed, that another block of flats was to replace the villa. It just waited for the demolition crew.

The windows were tightly boarded shut but I started walking around the place in the hope of finding a way in.

There was no back door.

The windows didn’t offer much hope either.

Time to try out the front then.


I was only armed with my phone, which wasn’t very useful. But there really wasn’t much to photograph either. Everything had been taken away, including electric outlets, most cables and even floor boards and water pipes. What was left was loads of debris and construction waste.

It’s really hard to imagine how this place looked in its prime.

The windows hadn’t been removed. They were smashed inside the building.

Someone had taken the effort to remove even the staircase. This I would call dedication.

A quick look upstairs, which was inaccessible.

The only part of the building displaying its former glory was the pool room. The pool, sauna and shower occupied an entire wing of the building.

Another interesting feature was the wing. I counted five garages, which was pretty excessive.

All in all it was a very interesting place. And I think it hasn’t revealed all of its secrets to me just yet.

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