Unfinished Business

A Trip to Spain seemed like the perfect getaway from the cold, dark and hostile winter in Finland. I spent a nice week in the sun eating well and enjoying drinks in the sun.

Just sitting and staring at the sea became boring mid-week, so I decided to visit Benalmadena. There I Spotted a mountain, which didn’t seem too tough to hike to. I packed some snacks and water and started the climb.

The mountain was a beauty. I climbed up on an asphalt road and returned back on small trails on the other side of the mountain. The descent was straight towards the sea, and I could enjoy a view over the city of Benalmadena throughout it.

The trail ended on the outskirts of the town to a rather shady area. I needed to cross the highway between Malaga and Guadiero, and right next to it I found this.

The building was unfinished, probably a victim of the 2008 financial crisis, which hit Spain hard. The premises didn’t even have a fence, so it was pretty easy to climb in.

There really wasn’t that much to see apart from a nice seaview, which really was nicer from the mountain.

The place featured some plastic pipe. It looked like it was abandoned quickly.

I took a few shots and left, as there wasn’t very much to see. When writing this post I decided to check the status of the building on Google Maps. On the street view from 2019 the building has been finished and is now inhabited.

Such a happy ending.

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