What Once Was Is No More

After almost 10 years I had returned to the Southeastern part of the country. Back in the days I had photographed a huge abandoned school in the town of Hamina. I knew the place had been demolished long ago, but I still wanted to see what had been built on the spot. I found this.Continue reading “What Once Was Is No More”

An Empty Castle

Towards the end of the year I visited Riga. It wasn’t my first time in the town, and I even managed to book a hotel room from the same side of town as on my previous visit around two years previously. As I had been here before, I knew all the bars, restaurants, museums andContinue reading “An Empty Castle”

The Lights Are On, But Hopefully There’s No One Home

A few days after they started demolishing the old school with the lights still on, I noticed that another well published demolition site had commenced. For years there had been plans to build a hotel in the marketplace of Oulu next to the market hall. The plans had been drawn, yet nothing had happened. ThereContinue reading “The Lights Are On, But Hopefully There’s No One Home”