An Empty Castle

Towards the end of the year I visited Riga. It wasn’t my first time in the town, and I even managed to book a hotel room from the same side of town as on my previous visit around two years previously.

As I had been here before, I knew all the bars, restaurants, museums and shortcuts to take. I also knew the most beautiful buildings, and there was one very special one that had caught my eye the previous time.

This, I think, was one of the most beautiful buildings in Riga. I remember it being in a very bad shape, but I was surprised how badly time actually had treated it. It looked like it was completely abandoned apart from the business premises.

Built in 1910, Brivibas Iela 88’s history is covered by a Latvian magazine here. According to a Google translation the apartments have been empty since about the fall of the Soviet Union. There are plans to demolish the insides of the block and renovate the building to a five star hotel.

If they come true, I’ll definitely book a visit.

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