The Miller’s Tale Part I

When the snow was finally gone, it was time to start exploring. Through Instagram I found an abandoned mill not to far from my home. My friend borrowed her father’s car and we went looking for the place.

The recognizeable form of the old mill wasn’t too hard to find.

The mill had originally been founded in 1918. It was expanded in the 1960’s and was abandoned after a bankrupcy in 1992. The 1960’s annexes were demolished shortly afterwards and this was to be the fate of the old mill, too. But in the end it was protected by the authorities in 1998.

There was a fence with barbed wire surrounding the old mill. However there was also a nice gap in one of the fence sections, which made access easy.

So the mill was indeed a protected building. The lower wing of it will probably not have anything to protect much longer.

A look inside the collapsing wing. We didn’t dare to enter, but luckily there wasn’t much to be seen either.

A different perspective shows the roof giving in. It hasn’t got many winters left.

The other room in the low wing. I doubt anybody has actually hanged themselves here. The rope has been tied that way just to scare people. This actually happens quite often.

A view from the backside of the mill shows, that it’s all open doors in the main building.

This room was only accessible through the window. It featured the switchboard and power station of the mill.

The mill had a central heating system, which probably burned oil. Those were very common in Finland back in the days. Even one or two of my childhood homes have had oil heating.

The main building looked to be in a much better shape than the low wing. It looked inviting. And in the next post we’ll explore it further.

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