The Miller’s Tale Part II

Although the mill was old and had been abandoned for almost 30 years, its structures seemed solid enough for me to proceed further up the building. The wood seemed dry and no rotten parts were immediately visible.

On the ground floor there were dark corners and boarded up windows.

A lot of the original machinery was also left. Apart from what the vandals had done, things were almost like back in the early 1990’s, when the company owning the mill went bankrupt.

That is one hell of a nice Idgit the Midget there. In Finnish he is called ‘Sikari-Sakari’ translating directly as Cigar Zach, hence the reference.

The place was a pretty strange maze despite not being that big. I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed working here.

There were strange pipes running from the top to the ground floor.

Now this is too much information. It’s about two people having had sex here. Did I already mention, that I’d like to do that in an abandoned house one day, too?

Although the floors seemed solid, you had to be careful. There were all kinds of gaps in them related to the former activity in the mill.

The place was in need of a good electrician.

That is many emotions in one window.

The thing has been measuring something, but what?

After almost 30 years of inactivity, there still was grain in the building.

We’ll get to the top in the next post.

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