The Fish Finger School Part X (With Some Extra Fish Fingers)

As our previous adventure with the Vantaankoski school ended so abruptly, we agreed to meet again and go finish our exploration with my friend. And soon enough, less than a month later, we were back at the scene.

Things, however, had changed.

There was a large truck bed with stuff on it. It looked like the clean up of the area had started.

There was another one on the other side of the Language House. Even a door was now open. We decided to go around the whole area again to make sure there was nobody around.

The area around the old main school looked like it used to be.

The main entrance was now open but we couldn’t enter through it. The amount of debris in front of the doors was too large. From here the destruction inside looks even worse than the one in the language house.

This was when we heard voices. While going around the final corner of the property we saw a car parked on the driveway and two men around the school. We knew that people had been fined for entering, so we decided to go look for other locations. Luckily I knew some.

Here we have on large old house, which unfortunately wasn’t accessible.

And finally we got to this one. It’s the very first building I tried to explore after moving to the Capital Region but someone had closed all windows and doors with plywood after my previous visit.

By now it was raining heavily. So this interior shot of an abandoned Range Rover was all I got from this trip. We got some Chinese food, went to my place and promised to try to enter the school soon again.

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