The Yellow House

I originally spotted this location next to a narrow road on the outskirts of a small town, when I realized that it looked overgrown and abandoned. I didn’t have time to explore it back then, but when making my way up North on another journey, I gave it another go.

Trees and bushes covering the yard and house plus broken windows. They’re clear signs of abandonment.

Definitely abandoned. It looks like a former residential building, but some details are a bit puzzling. Normal, rural residential buildings don’t have doors or porches like that. Yet I couldn’t figure out what else this could have been if not a residential building.

Even hours of digging through the Facebook group of this town have shed no light to the mystery. So let’s just agree that it was the home of a very wealthy family. Or then it contained several smaller apartments.

As the door was sealed, I had to climb in through a window.

Large doorways were a thing in this house. The round shape of that one is a later addition.

The fireplace does look somewhat strange. Perhaps the original fireplace had been removed and a brick wall built instead.

The other room featured lots of trash and a trashed cupboard.

The house would have been very beautiful if it had been taken care of.

On the other side of the main entrance was a large bathroom. It was definitely a later addition, not an original feature.

And why I believe things to be that way? Because this was the bathroom window.

Another room featuring lots of trash and a smashed fireplace.

Another reshaped doorway. The one who renovated this place clearly had a thing for them.

Back at the room where I started from. I wonder, where that beautiful old door is from.

Upstairs we go then.

Somehow I came to think, that this building was undergoing a renovation, which had been interrupted for some reason. Everything was looking so incomplete.

The mess continued upstairs. All the leaves and stuff must have come off the trees during countless autumn storms.

The feeling of interrupted renovations just grew here. Either that or the vandals have done a proper job.

This room had been stripped to bare wood. Also the roof was leaking and the leak had already damaged the floor.

Another indication that renovations had started. This has apparently been a kitchen, but the kitchen is missing.

It is also a bit puzzling to me that the kitchen was upstairs, as this is highly unusual in Finland. This further makes me believe, that the building had been divided into at least two apartments, one on ground floor and one one floor up.

Another photo from the former kitchen. The missing floor board is a rather scary feature.

So much for this house then. The bathroom window can be seen on the right.

It is kind of sad that the building is in this shape. After all, it was a nice looking large house. But with the leaking roof, I think that its days are numbered.

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  1. This looks like a typical residential house that would have been built in the 1970’s or early 1980’s here in the United States. 🤔

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